1. Wayfinding

Finding your way around How you navigate around a Moodle site will depend on the administrator’s settings, your theme and how up-to-date your version of Moodle is. Our Learn Moodle site uses the latest version of Moodle and a theme

2. The Dashboard

Everyone in Moodle has their own personal page called their Dashboard. On many Moodle sites you’ll be taken to the Dashboard once you’re logged in. If not you can get to it by clicking the link in the user menu

3. Create A Course

What is a course? A Course in Moodle is basically a space on the Moodle site where one or more teachers can add learning Resources and Activities for their students. What your course might look like as a teacher will

4. Layout A Course

As a teacher you have a lot of control over how your course appears to your students. For example, if your organisation allows, you can change the full name of the course — which is in large here –and the

5. Editing Course Sections

If we turn the editing on in our course by clicking the gear menu and then turn editing on we can quickly rename our sections from for example Topic 1 to a name that’s relevant to us by clicking the

6. Add & Edit Text

In many places in Moodle where you can type in text, you will see Moodle’s purpose-built editor known as Atto. We see it here in a topic section summary. Many of the icons you’ll know from word processing or other

7. Edit Icons

In order to add learning activities and resources to your course, or even to change the wording and description in your course sections, you need to have the editing turned on. So let’s take a look at that now and

8. Drag & Drop Files

There are two ways to a document such as presentations or word processed files to your Moodle course . One way is by simply dragging them and dropping them straight on to your course page, we look at that here.

9. Blocks

As a teacher you can add blocks to the side of your main learning  area in this course using a variation of the Boost theme the blocks are on the right. In this course with the different theme, there are

10. HTML Blocks

A HTML block is a customisable block allowing you to add images, text, links or even embedded code or widgets two blocks at the side of your course. You don’t need to understand HTML code to use it. You can