As a teacher you can add blocks to the side of your main learning  area in this course using a variation of the Boost theme the blocks are on the right.

In this course with the different theme, there are blocks on both sides and note  that this course does not have the nav drawer.

Instead there’s a navigation block and an administration block.

If your organisation’s Moodle site has a navigation and administration block  instead of the nav drawer, ask your admin to help you find tutorials suitable for  your Moodle site from our Moodle HQ youtube channel.

Blocks are elements which add extra information or learning  content to your course.

Think carefully before adding blocks because the mobile app doesn’t display them.

So only choose blocks you feel will be essential to your students’ learning  as they take up space on the screen.

On a small screen blocks will move down underneath the course sections as here.

Other themes will allow you to dock or move blocks to the side such as here  and it’s important to remember this as learners sometimes forget they have  docked blocks and they become confused.

In our teacher, Sam’s new course, there are no blocks at the moment but she can  add blocks by turning on the editing from the gear menu and then clicking the  add block link in the nav drawer.

Here she can choose useful blocks to add to her course.

Once added, blocks may be hidden or deleted from the gear menu.

They may also be moved around with the crosshairs icon  by dragging and dropping or by clicking and holding the crosshairs icon and  selecting a location to move them to.

Here Sam is moving the latest badges block underneath the online users block.


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