Finding your way around

How you navigate around a Moodle site will depend on the administrator’s settings, your theme and how up-to-date your version of Moodle is.

Our Learn Moodle site uses the latest version of Moodle and a theme called Boost.

If your organisation’s Moodle site looks different ask your administrator to help you find a set of tutorials from our Moodle HQ YouTube channel that will fit your version of Moodle.

Let’s log in.

Often when you login you’re directed to a personalised customisable page called your Dashboard.

Here you’ll see an overview of the courses that you’re enrolled in.

Over on the left you’ll see a navigation or  Nav Drawer with useful links for example to your site’s front page or Site home.

Perhaps your administrator directs you to the Site home when you log in, in which case you can access the Dashboard by clicking the link in the  Nav Drawer.

This  Nav Drawer also allows you to see the courses you’re enrolled in, so you can access them either by clicking the link in the  Nav Drawer or the link in the Course Overview.

The  Nav Drawer can be collapsed or closed by clicking the Hamburger Icon–  top left — to free up more space.

You can open it again by clicking it again.

Over on the right is a User Menu also with useful links, for example in your Preferences page you can Edit your profile, Change your password, Select the language you want Moodle to display in and decide the Text Editor you want when typing in text.

As with many modern websites, you have icons for messages and notifications.

Clicking the Messages menu, you can read new messages, add new messages, mark all as read and from the Gear menu select how you want to be notified of new messages — email or via your mobile.

Notifications works in a similar way.

You can be notified of forum posts, assignments that need to be graded, mark them read and access your preferences.

Let’s go back to the Dashboard and now let’s go into our user Sam’s practice course where they’re learning how to teach with Moodle.

We can either click the link in the Nav Drawer or the link in the course overview.

Once inside the course, notice that the Nav Drawer links have changed to reflect what’s happening in the course.

There’s a Participants link, a badges link to see which badges are available, Grades, and the topic numbers here are for sections within the course.

We will look at how to edit and explore these in a later video.

Further down again they can access their Dashboard, Site home and other courses they’re enrolled in.


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